4x 50 MW DG based Power Plant
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Location: India
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The plant is a 200-MW LSHS (low sulphur heavy stock) fuel (processed from the residue of indigenous crude). The plant is based on two-stroke diesel engine technology from MAN B&W, Germany. There are 4 Units of 50 MW each and the plant is in running condition with minimum self-breakdown record. The generator which is of ABB make generates electricity at 11KV. The engines and equipment are water cooled. A re-circulation type cooling water system using fresh water with cooling towers is provided. The engines are housed in a building with adequate maintenance facilities like EOT Crane, hoists, etc. The main control room is also located in this building. The engine room is provided with mechanical ventilation system and the control room is air conditioned. The power plant has facilities for
unloading, storage and supply of fuel oil to the engines. Separate tanks for HFO and LDO are provided. Water treatment facilities for cooling water system and to produce demineralized water for the waste heat recovery boilers are provided. Suitable Fire protection system to protect the equipment fire hazards is provided.

For more details please contact Mr. Rajdeep Datta (rajdeep.datta@mjunction.in / +91-8336925974)