BOP Control Unit
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(1) Unit BOP Control System Manufactured by Consolidated Pressure Control consisting of the following: 1) Accumulator Module - New stainless steel 500 gallon fluid reservoir tank. Tank complete with 14” clean-out port, baffles, inspection port, drain and fluid level sight gauge - (4) – 4 port machined steel tube bottle manifolds rated for up to 5,000psi working pressure each. Manifold is machined from a single piece of seamless material. Isolation of manifold is controlled with a 1” 5,000psi ball valve and each is bled back into the reservoir through a ½” 6,000psi needle valve. - (16) – 15 gallon, 3,000psi top loading bladder type accumulator bottles. Bottles are inspected and hydro-tested to 4,500psi with U-1A Certificates provided. 2) Hydraulic Control Module - (1) – Sub plate mounted 4100 series 1.5” ported, low dead band pressure reducing and regulating valve for controlling annular regulated pressure. Features failsafe remote control capability through a pneumatic motor gear drive assemble and additionally provides manual adjustment at the regulator should pilot pressure for remote control be interrupted. High pressure adapter will be provided (shipped loose) to apply a 3,000psi regulated output to control a Cameron Type D™ annular preventer. - (1) – Sub plate mounted 2100 series 1” ported, pressure reducing and regulating valve for controlling manifold regulated pressure to the ram type preventer and/or hydraulic actuated choke and kill line valves. This regulator is manually adjusted, and limits maximum outlet pressure to 1,500psi during normal operation. 3) Primary and Secondary Pump System - (2) – CPC triplex reciprocating plunger pump. Pump is specially designed for multiple horsepower ratings, and is equipped with a forged fluid end and crankshaft for added strength and load carrying capacity. CPC pumps come standard with Teflon/Kevlar packing, hard coated plungers and cartridge type disk valves. Pump package provides 18+ GPM at 3,000psi. - (2) – 40hp explosion proof motor, designed for maximum ambient continuous running conditions of up to 50°C. Motor is rated 480V 3 phase 60Hz Class 1 Div. 1, and is unitized to triplex with a poly-chain & cog system. Complete with 40hp electric motor starter, with 3 phase over current protection and auxiliary contact to operate “Pump Running” light.