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We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the services of AlphaNav Tech and how these can benefit your business. 



Our Consultants are based at various locations throughout the world, which gives us the opportunity to reduce travel time to projects and keep costs to a minimum for the clients.  All Consultants have an extensive maritime background and have served onboard vessels in senior positions.  Each Consultant is dedicated to providing a first class service not only to meet the demands of the clients but to exceed, the priority is the human element and this is where we concentrate. 


Safety Inspections are one of our core services, these provide the ship owner/client with an insight on not only the physical condition of the vessel being inspected but also on the 'human' component.  This provides a clear view of the safety culture onboard and how effectively the vessel is being managed and the associated risks that may be present. Our Consultants not only look for problems and weaknesses but also provide solutions and suggestions for improvements in order to improve the overall safety culture. Areas which are well run and managed are also highlighted. 

We also provide an Onboard Training package which is designed to further enhance the knowledge of the seafarer within the actual working environment in which they are daily working.  This program solidifies the shore-side training which many companies provide, the onboard training ensures that, for example, the basics such as fire drills and abandon ship drills are understood, practiced and carried out in a safe and competent manner. A full list of training modules can be obtained on request.  Again we focus on the human element rather than bewildering presentations to ensure that a practical knowledge is gained and understood.  We have found that training seafarers in their natural working environment provides the best outcomes of knowledge and understanding.  

Both the Safety Inspection and the Onboard Training services provide a clear commitment in developing and maintaining a strong and robust safety culture inclusive of all personnel throughout the organization. 

Other services such as Emergency Assistance, Cargo Damage, Pre-Purchase Inspections, P&I Inspections, Flag State Inspections or any situation whereby it is prudent to have a representative onboard the vessel to protect the interests of the owner can also be arranged at short notice.  For vessels which have been detained or suffered multiple observations during Port State Control we can assist with getting the vessel trading again.  

If you will be interested in further information please do not hesitate to contact us.         

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