Marine Pneumatic Fender
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2. Pneumatic fender is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today. This fender is made of synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the water and work as a protective medium.
1. give deflated during shipment, which saves freight cost for customers

2. Differently from other factories or even Yokohama fenders, our pneumatic fender’s inner bag could be taken out and repaired separately, which highly lowers the cost for customers. It means there are two protective layers out of inner bag,even there is any destroy on inner bag, buyer can buy another inner bag from us to replace.

1. Tire-chain Net type:
2. Sling type:
Size we have:
Diameter Length
0.5m x 1m
0.8m x 1.5m
1m x 1.5m
1m x 2m
1.2m x 2m
1.2m x 3m
1.5m x 3m
2m x 3m
2m x 3.5m
2.5m x 4m
3m x 5m
3m x 6m
3.3m x 6.5m

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