Positive Displacement Flow Meter
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Atlantiss Positive Displacement Flow Meters is engineered and specifically manufactured in accordance to the harsh requirements for Fuels, Oils, LPG, Solvents and Acids & Other Industrial Chemicals.
All of our flow meters are exclusively engineered with no metal-to-metal conatct within the measuring chamber, making use of a thin liquid capillary film between rotating and stationary components for hydraulic sealing. This unique design results in minimal wear, sustained accuracy and low operating costs.

Mechanical Register
Low pressure drop across meter
-40 degree to 70 degree C
Lightweight aluminum bodies
Certified for custody transfer (legal for direct resale)
Highly accurate: 0.125% or better over: 5:1 range and 0.22% over 10:1 range.

Truck Metering (M Models)
Refined Fuels (Class 1)
LPG (Class 10)
Aviation Fuel (Class 2)
Alternative Fuel
Lube Oils
Bulk Plant / Terminal Metering
Crude Petroleum Products
Refined Petroleum Products & LPG
Alternative Fuels
Industrial Chemicals / Solvents
Marine Fuel / Bunker Oil
Hot Asphalt / Asphalt Emulsions