Ship launching airbag
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Marine airbag is a new product and technology for ship launching in marine industry, and it was invented in Shandong province, China last century. As one of the earliest factories in China to produce this kind bag, we have much more mature technology and project operation experience than others.

Marine Airbag(ballon):

Diameter: 0.8m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m

Effective length: from 5m to 30m

Total length: diameter+effective length

Layer: 3layers to 12layers, 4layer to 10layer airbag is the most popular style in South-East Asian market.


1. MLG-T: plain weaving airbag, which contains airbag body and metal parts, like tee-joint, gauge, valve, hose coupling and pull ring. The material of airbag is made of natural rubber, elastic fiber and some special ingredients. This material has the character of high tear and tensile strength, air tightness, and can undertake high pressure and avoid explosion. It is widely used in ship launching, sea pipeline laying, marine salvage, heavy lift service, and big project moving, etc.

2. MLD-V: plain weaving airbag with protective layer, which has the same construction with MLG-T, except for protective layer. This protective layer is "V"shape in middle of airbag body, has better anti-cutting ability. MLD-V is widely used for keel sharp bottom ships, like fish ship, tug ship, etc.

Target market:
1) Ship launching&haul out
2) Marine salvage lift bag
3) Pipeline laying underwater in oil&gas industry
4) Heavy lift airbag in offshore or building industry
5) Inflatable mandrel in building industry

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