Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Getting Started

    Register as a user and give a brief description of your company products or services, to stand out from the crowd when buyer do their search.

  2. How can I post an equipment?

    Selling in MarineCentral is easy, just post your equipment and upload the equipment; select for sale or rent, include some description of your equipment for sale and post.

  3. How can I buy an equipment?

    Click request for contactand post any question directly to the seller.  An email will be sent to notify him/her to reply to you directly.

  4. Like what you see?

    Click on watch list and keep track until you are ready to request for contacts.

  5. How can I rent an equipment?

    On top of our homepage, select “Purpose” for sale or rent, your desired results will show in the required search.

  6. What is MarineCentral?

    MarineCentral offers a B2B marketplace for genuine buyers and sellers; and an online marketing platform for business owners to promote their services.  We do not solicit any form of transaction fee or commission with your transactions. 

    Please contact us immediately at should anyone claims their association directly or indirectly soliciting any form of payments involving monies transfer of any mode or kinds.

  7. How can I promote my products and services?

    MarineCentral is unique in many ways that we allow our user to determine how and type of content they wish to include in their profile.  Create a post and showcase them online is the best social marketing a company can do for their brands.

    Get a group of followers !!!

    These are great way to inform your clients what you do and build a last relationship for your business.

    Constantly creating new posting and update your equipment postings increases your presence.  Follow us on our social media such as Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter and Google+ and gain access to people from the industry to follow you.  You manages your contacts and followers in your profile page, informing them of your new deals and services; and keep your customers informed of your company’s services.

  8. Can my products and services get featured?

    Yes !!! We will pick users and their items to be featured from time to time; to be featured with us: -

    Make sure you have input great photos with listing descriptions.

    Don't sell anything that is prohibited and make sure your listing description do not include tags or keywords that are unrelated.

    Always be respectful to fellow users and provide lots of positive feedback won’t hurt.  Replying to neutral and negative feedback too helps to boost your credibility as a user and your business.

  9. Reviews

    Reviews is a great tool to tell potential customers of your reliability and reputation; it gives confidence to your potential clients, that they are working with genuine service providers serious in providing quality service.

  10. How can I close a transaction?

    Once you are satisfy that your buyer is genuine, you can close your transaction outside of MarineCentral offline.  We do our level best to keep our users safe from scams and fraud but cannot be liable for any failed transactions in the process.

  11. How can I keep my transaction safe?

    MarineCentral is a open community where users have the freedom to conduct their transactions in ways they are comfortable.  Our team takes the safety of our community very seriously and will do our best to keep the marketplace with trust and integrity that is pleasant for all.

    We offer reviews and ratings for buyers and sellers, thus reading user’s reviews and ratings can help you determine how genuine is the user.

    Always use our communication tools within our site, until you are completely satisfy and comfortable with the transaction to bring it offline.  This way, we are able to look back at our records and assist with investigations should the need arise. 

    Report scam and fraud promptly and truthfully to MarineCentral; we shall investigate and advise all our members.  All incident reports must be made within 60 days of your knowledge of the scam or fraud.  Give us as much details as possible.